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You also can buy DiamondDoge Coin with fiat using a credit card or other crypto currencies at our exclusive partner There are 3 amounts you can buy.

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Tutorials how to swap DDOGE against BNB on PancakeSwap are available on this website in detailed written form and as a video tutorial.

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DDOGE Contract Address: 0x537e67f7a23bbdf1fcf6f20d14106a7cedbc9f41
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DiamondDoge Coin Giftcards

You can buy DiamondDoge Coin with fiat using a credit card or other crypto currencies at our exclusive partner On the website FYER you can buy 3 different values. Write your wallet ID in comment field in checkout so they know where to transfer the coins. You will get your coins regularly within 2 days after paymant to the wallet you named. Euro (€) amounts will be automatically converted in your local currency.

Available giftcard values:



Perfect Starter Amount

Get your basic coin stack

Receive coins within 1-2 days

Diamond Hodler


Advanced Amount

Double your basic coin stack

Receive coins within 1-2 days




If DDOGE moons you're made

Receive coins within 1-2 days

What is DiamondDoge Coin?


Initial supply of 555 TR declines constantly. Each transaction burns 5%, saves 5% and rewards 5%.


Protocol run on Binance Chain Main Network. Future blockchain basis for diamond wallets.

Swole Doge Meme

The strong doge is better than the weak one. Be a part of our roadmap and make Cheems cry.

5% Community Reward

If someone sells DDOGE, 5% of the transaction will be distributed automatically to all other holders.

5% Burn Rate

If someone sells DDOGE, 5% of the transaction will be burned automatically. It not comes back.

5% Marketing Pool

If someone sells DDOGE, 5% of transaction will fuel a marketing pool helping token to get stronger.

Coin Automatic

Each transaction in DDOGE contract burns, rewards und pooles automatically token.
Token supply decrease and at the same time holders' wallets increase by static holding. Additionally we installed a charity wallet, which is also fueled by static existing plus transfers by founders' wallets surplus coins from time to time.

Already rewarded to holders' wallets.
Same amount already burned.


Coins transferred to charity wallet initially by founders on 7th of August 2021. It will grow also over time.

New Charity Feature

Founders of DiamondDoge Coin decided in August 2021 to feature the project with a charity feature. How this works? Founder wallets have grown over time through 5% reward dynamic massively (5% of each transaction are distributed to all holders' wallets, distribution according to wallet size). Due to the size of these 2 wallets, founders' wallets grew massively in short time. When founders also decided to lockup their initial coin stack they also decided to save the surplus coins which accumulated in their wallets since coin start to this charity wallet: 0xb50911dfccafd879ce163e157a7f99c0204a6685

We, the founders of DiamondDoge Coin noticed that our wallets blew up since the launch of DiamondDoge. We started with 10% of the initial supply. Due to the 5% reward dynamic our wallets grew massively. After discussing internally how to proceed and receiving feedback from community, we wanted to act.

Therefore we decided to lock our initial coins to increase trust in the project. At this point of time, we did not just decide to lock the founder coins but also to reduced our stake. As we didn't want to just burn the surplus coins, we decided to implement a meaningful additional coin feature: charity.

Old founder wallet 1: 0xadbc9b915260e72e3759b1db9e6a0db0913bcbe6
Old founder wallet 2: 0xf89d1f28b7aa7cf2de5529ac6ed13a5b299d8537
These 2 wallets have no coins anymore.

New locked founder coins: 0x0c89c0407775dd89b12918b9c0aa42bf96518820
You can also explore the founder lockings here on

New charity wallet: 0xb50911dfccafd879ce163e157a7f99c0204a6685

The charity wallet is fueled by the 5% automated reward system and additionally by the surplus coins accumulated in the locked founder contract, which will be transferred at certain intervals. 

At the moment there has not been any decision made as to which charitable causes we will support. Our plan is to develop a plan together with the community at a later state. At the moment our focus lies on increasing the awareness and value of DiamondDoge so that our donations can make a value contribution to society!

Ones that goel is reached we will use the coins in the charity pool to support different kind of projects with the input from our community because we are one big family.


Check out our new roadmap for 2021 and be a part of something really big and new. The team arrived at Cape Canaveral. Soon the journey begins. We hope you want to join us on our way to moon. No financial advice: Be like the DiamondDoge and show your strong diamond hands!

Are you ready for take off?

We have already achieved a lot. But this is nothing compared to what's heading us and what is coming up. We have huge plans for our lovely token.








✔ Internal Whitepaper
✔ Roadmap
✔ Token on Binance test net 
✔ New Website
✔ DDOGE creation on Binance Chain
✔ Initial token distribution
✔ Refinement Roadmap
✔ Binance Chain Main Net live test
✔ PancaceSwap listing
✔ Instagram kick-off
✔ Marketing start

✔ Whitepapger refinement
✔ Telegram Support Channel
✔ Twitter kick-off
✔ Core team
✔ Listings on small platforms
✔ Market cap over 10,000$
✔ Community polls
✔ Holding
✔ 25K MCap hit

✔ Listing on more small plattforms
✔ Token redesign
✔ Locking of founder coins
✔ BSC Scan Appearance
★ Poocoin & Bogged Finance Appearance
✔ Charity
✔ Community shilling awards 
✔ 50K MCap hit

★ 100K MCap hit: Next serious CoinMarketCap (CMC) listing trial
★ Reddit
★ Discord
★ NFT Collection
★ Other trading pairs
★ Marketing processing
★ Community meme awards
★ Listing on bigger plattforms (e.g. CMC, Coingecko)
★ Holding

Become a Moon-Marshall

The purpose of DiamondDoge meme token is holding it. There is no other purpose or function. Hold it to the moon and back!

Do not give it away.

DiamondDoge is easy to buy, easy to hold and easy to love, because it is a tribute to memes and DogeCoin. When you understand DiamondDoge and its inner value, you want to hold it forever in your wallet. When others sell, your coin bag grows automatically and your wallet gets fuller.

Mission Moon

The only and best mission of DiamondDoge is to pump it to the moon. The unique protocol and hopefully strong community can support to reach this fantastic goal.

Diamond Hands Required

If you want to skyrocket to the moon you have to have strong diamond hands. Become an astronaut and hodl it strong. Never give the token away. Don't be Cheems.

How to buy in 3 steps?

It is easy to buy DiamondDoge by following this step-by-step instruction guide. Be an early adopter now and hold it to the moon! If you never bought crypto coins or before, our tuturial will help you. Extended tutorials you find here: Written instructions or video.

Open a metamask or trust wallet and send BNB to your wallet address. At the moment you can buy DiamondDoge only if you have BNB currency on your wallet. If you do not have it yet: Here you can see how to install Metamask or Trust Wallet. BNB you can buy for example on Binance.

As DiamondDoge runs on Binance Smart Chain, you have to connect your wallet with the Smart Chain. How to connect your wallet to Binance Smart Chain you can read here for Metamask or here for Trust Wallet.

When your wallet is fueled with BNB you can visit PancakeSwap. To find DiamondDoge Coin choose "Select Currency" and enter the contract address: 0x537e67f7a23bbdf1fcf6f20d14106a7cedbc9f41

Then DiamondDoge Coin appears. Click "Import" and "I understand".
Now connect your wallet with PancakeSwap so that the plattform can interact with your wallet (blue button).

Now set slippage tolerance to 18% (under settings gear at the top of popup window). Then you can swap BNB to DiamondDoge Coin.

You also can calculate in this window how much DiamondDoge you get for your BNB.

Thats it!

If you want to display your DiamondDoge coins, you have to add custom token and again paste contract address 0x537e67f7a23bbdf1fcf6f20d14106a7cedbc9f41

Detailed buying tutorial (PancakeSwap)

It is easy to buy DiamondDoge by following this step-by-step instruction guide. Be an early adopter now and hold it to the moon! Before you buy, please read our legal disclaimer and risk disclosure. Important: Please be also patient due to fake DDOGE Tokens. Ensure to search on PancakeSwap for original DiamondDoge DDOGE Meme Token Contract in step 6 (contract ID = 0x537e67f7a23bbdf1fcf6f20d14106a7cedbc9f41) or use this link to buy original DiamondDoge Token.

At the moment the only exchange pair of DiamondDoge (DDOGE) is Binance Coin (BNB). So if you want to buy DDOGE and you do not have any BNB you have first to buy BNB on or other crypto platform. With BNB you can buy DDOGE. If you want to sell DDOGE, you can sell it against BNB.

a) Login or register on plattform
b) Buy BNB crypto coin 

Easiest way to access PancaceSwap plattform (importatnt for step 5) is to open a free multiasset coin/token wallet which is compatible and can interact with your internet browser. You need this wallet to safe your BNB and DDOGE. Also you need the wallet to swap (exchange) BNB against DDOGE or DDOGE against BNB. You also can safe there other coins and tokens.

Here you can see how to install Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Important if you are not familiar with this this kind of wallet yet: Store your passwort and seed phrase (12 words). It will be shown you during installing process.

DDOGE is running as a BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain protocol. The Binance network is the infrastructure DDOGE is operating on. So if you want to buy DDOGE you have to connect your wallet to this infrastructure. 

You can connect Metamask or Trust Wallet to the Binance Smart Chain main network easily. Instructions how to do that excactly were offered here:

Connect Metamask to Binance Smart Chain
Connect Trust Wallet to Binance Smart Chain

If you have BNB on your Binance account (Step 1) or other wallet you can send it now to your own Metamask or Trust Wallet. Transfer will be operated fast in less than 5 minutes in general.

OPTION 1 (easiest way): Go to PancakeSwap using this link which directly selects you DDOGE. Mark "I understand" and continue.

OPTION 2: You can also go to website and go on the left side on Tab "Exchange". You will find it here:

Then connect your Metamask or Trust Wallet:

Now you have to allow the website to connect and interact with your Metamask or Trust Wallet. This works as Metamask or Trust wallets operate also as browser based extensions. Website PancakeSwap and your wallet can interact now. So it is possible to exchange (swap) BNB:DDOGE and the other way around (DDOGE:BNB).

Attention: Please be patient due to fake DDOGE imitators. Ensure to search on PancakeSwap for original DiamondDoge (DDOGE) Meme Token Contract. You are safe if you use DDOGE direct link OR copy it from original Binance Smart Chain website here:

This is DDOGE original token contract address (copy this): 0x537e67f7a23bbdf1fcf6f20d14106a7cedbc9f41

Buy here DDOGE on PancaceSwap

When you found DiamondDoge (DDOGE) in PancakeSwap exchange, you can see actual price. Here you can see also everything else important and PancakeSwap now can interact with your browser wallet extension so you can do the trade.

Important (Slippage Tolerance): Due to our deflationary token automatic (5% / 5% / 5%) please go in transaction window to settings and set slippage tolerance to at least 17% or more. This will operate your transaction.

Finally follow the instructions PancakeSwap or Metamask/Trust Wallet will provide you.

Important: Don't panik if your token does not appear in wallet. It is there. You have to add the DDOGE token manually in your wallet so the wallet can show it to you. Therefore again you need the contract address: 0x537e67f7a23bbdf1fcf6f20d14106a7cedbc9f41


You did understand nothing? Then we can recommend you following videos. They show also step-by-step how to buy such a token. It is not DDOGE, but same steps.

Video how to buy with Metamask
Video how to buy with Trust Wallet

How to buy DiamondDoge (DDOGE)

How to buy: Video Tutorial

Learn how to buy DiamondDoge (DDOGE) Crypto Token with your mobile phone.

Easy Step By Step: Explained on Youtube 

Video guides you safely through the buying process:

1. Send BNB to your Metamask or Trust Wallet
2. Go to PancakeSwap and swap BNB to DDOGE
3. User our direct link and set slippage to 18%
4. Add "custom token" to your wallet by adding DDOGE contract address to wallet to display DDOGE Token

Apps, Plattforms & Technologies

Buy DDOGE in your personal Metamask or Trust Wallet using Binance + PancakeSwap blockchain platforms.


The experienced team created DiamondDoge with passion.
We search new team members as we want to grow with you to the moon!


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5 Star Moon-Marshall


Special Operations
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Human Social Bot.
Social Media Affairs.

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Never sells.
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Risk Disclosure

Please note there are always risks associated with smart-contracts. Please use at your own risk. DiamondDoge Token is not a registered broker, analyst or investment advisor. Everything that we provide on this site is purely for guidance, informational and educational purposes. All information contained herein should be independently verified and confirmed. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever caused in reliance upon such information or services. Please be aware of the risks involved with any trading done in any financial market. Do not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. When in doubt, you should consult a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Diamond hands hodl it to the moon!

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